Sunday, 24 April 2011

Marriage Decorators in Delhi

Stage Decoration
We specialize in wedding decorations. Our wedding planners and decorators create
a perfect look for an Indian marriage.

After Finding a Wedding venues in Delhi

They have been in the profession of wedding “mandap” decorations for more than thirty five years. They have gathered considerable expertise in this field and have carved a niche among the top notch wedding decorators of India. Indian traditional wedding decorations are their forte and they with their team of designers create the perfect look and ambiance for the Indian wedding which are always full of color and a sparkling festive look  

The marriage  decorators strive incessantly to create the perfect look and atmosphere of required for a traditional Indian wedding. However modern couples are opting more and more for a particular color scheme these are part of Wedding Services Delhi. 


Decorate a place for a special moment of Life is a work of Expertise with Team Work.

These Decorators provide personalized and innovative creative designs for stage and Mandap.

According to the marriage theme decoration of Lighting and Flowers are Used.

Dreaming of a traditional Shaadi or cruise wedding, All Depeneds on color shades of light , Audio Equipments and Fireworks .

Decorating the marriage cars with flowers and taking care of all decorative part is work of marriage decorators.